Becoming an Umpire - Waikato Softball Umpires Association (WSUA) 

  • Would you like to know the basics of softball umpiring?
  • Do you want to become a fully qualified softball umpire and be paid to officiate?
  • Would you like to travel nationally and internationally to umpire?
  • OR do you just want to help casually on Saturday's with a game or two?

So if you are just someone who wants to touch up on the rules of softball, or you are an experienced umpire wanting to officiate some games please contact:

Eugene Gilbert 
021 537 079

Umpire Links 

Here are some links to other softball umpire websites around the country and around the world. There is some excellent teaching resources within these sites.

Softball NZ Umpires Home Base
Canterbury Softball Umpires                                                           
Australian Umpires     

Umpire Equipment 
Below are some key suppliers of umpire equipment both here in NZ and abroad. Sirius Sports below is the official supplier for NZ umpires.

Sirius Sports (Official SNZ equipment supplier)
Ump-Attire (USA) 
Honigs Sports (USA) 
Amateur Softball Assoc. of America (USA)

Exclusive Sports
T: 0800 112 985

NOTE: All umpire suppliers listed above accept take Visa or Mastercard payments.

Umpire Manuals 
Latest 2006-2009 Softball NZ Rulebook 
SNZ Umpire Casebook 
ISF Umpire Manual     
Softball Canada Casebook 2007

Current Waikato Softball Umpires 
​​​​​​​Gary Butler                 (SNZ Level 6)
Eugene Gilbert           (SNZ Level 5)
Kem Ming                   (SNZ Level 3)
Cowley Harris             (SNZ Level 2)


Current Waikato Softball Scorers​​​​​​​

Helen Rogers - Chief Scorer & Statistician

Emily Wilson - Grade 6

Helen Te Kiri - Melville Womens Scorer

Brenda Walker - Marlinz Womens Scorer (has just completed her first season)

Rangi Te Tomo - Marlinz Mens Scorer 

Scorer Classes

Helen is going to be running another class in the winter for all those who would be interested in learning to score. Just give her a call and Helen will organise the classes from there.

Helen Rogers
T: 021 126 0743 or 07 850 8264

Scorer Manuals

Scorers Beginners Manual                 

Scorers Manual